Well, as far as I can tell, I retired. I did it. I was just tired before. Now I’m re-tired, which I found out means “really tired.” We met with the financial advisor and although we’ll need to be frugal (which should be fine — it is “Budget” Rider after all) I can stop chasing the almighty buck.

As funny as it sounds, I owe a lot to my last boss for making the working conditions untenable. I honestly thought I needed to work until the last possible breath to keep up with demand but my displeasure with my job gave me motivation to check out the feasibility of retiring.

I was surprised when I did the simple math of my Social Security benefits. If I retired now as opposed to later, the total amounts I’d collect by waiting eight more years don’t benefit me until I turn 81. So, I’d make more after I’m 81, but what am I going to do with some more money when I’m 81?!? I hope I’m in great shape then, but I think I better do stuff now while I still can. There are already lots of things I can’t do now that I could only ten years ago and odds are that list will just keep getting smaller.

I’m keeping my software certifications active and I can always go back to work if I have to but it’s time to really work on figuring out what’s most important and why and spend the time I have left on those things.

I’ve got a whole bucket full of bucket-list items to attend to. How about some riding? 🙂

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