My Job Sucks…

… all my time and energy from the rest of my life currently. I just realized it’s been over two months since I posted last. Jeez! Where to start?

First, I should explain that I’ve made the decision not to pursue racing this season. It sounded really fun and not too expensive but the aforementioned time and energy was in short supply. In order for it to be manageable I’d need a different method of making a living. I’ll revisit the subject again in January 2020.

Second, my brothers and I have a ride planned for the week after next. I installed a new battery and got new Michelin Road 5 Trail tires on the GS. Additionally, I’ve put together a bike-specific tool kit and got the saddlebags some new weatherstripping. I’ll trailer the bike from MN to GA, meet up the bros and take five spring days to ride together up through and around the Blue Ridge Mountains. We’ll try to fit in a side-trip to the Barber Motorsports museum. I’ll trailer home after and resume normal life.

The next post should be relatively soon after the ride unless work gets outta control again.

You would have thought that seeing Office Space as many times as I have would start emboldening me to speak up. So, if I decide to kick over a cubicle and speak up I’ll probably be given a lot more time to write about motorcycling.

Stay tuned.

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