Last Ride of 2018

In one last attempt to squeeze in a ride before the snow came, I made up a destination and a route and set off at the first available weekend.

As I started out about 4:40 AM on Saturday, the temperature hovered at about 40. As I headed West, I rode through thick fog until about 10:00 when the fog turned to rain. The rain paused for a while to be replaced by comically strong wind gusts at the front of the weather system as I got to the open plains.

The rest of the day was spent between trading between cold rain and 40-50 mph winds threatening to push me off the wet road.

I arrived exhausted, but intact. A shower, some time with my daughter and her family, and a good sleep replenished my riding reserves.

The next morning was barely above freezing. Bundled up with the grips on high made the miles bearable. Not too enjoyable, but bearable.

I made my way to what’s left of a little North Dakota town in which my folks grew up. There’s not much left, except a few houses and the bar, who’s existence owes to my dad’s patronage when he lived there.

The weather wore on me so much, however, that I rerouted my trip to just get home. On the slab, just reeling in the miles, bored, cold, but making good time, I got home and put the GS away wet to get some attention sometime when I felt up to it.

1,150 miles on a new-to-me bike on the last snow-free weekend of the season.

See you again in the new year.

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