A Couple of GS Pain-relief Mods

I made three modifications. Late September in Minnesota notwithstanding, I have no good excuse not to put some miles on the GS.

Pain in the butt – solved. The Sargent is the seat that should come standard. Firm padding, broad in the back for when you’re sitting and narrow in the front for when you’re standing, the seat platform tilted ever-so-slightly rearward to keep from sliding into the tank – just about perfect.

Pain in the neck – solved. The Rox setbacks are easy to put in, require no modifications to the cables or wiring and put the bars in the right place for comfort and control.

Pain in the ears – solved. The stock GS screen is adjustable, but surprisingly noisy in every position. The X-creen spoiler is only a little more difficult to install than the setbacks, but is easy to adjust for just the riding you are doing – 80+ on the slab into a headwind, or completely down and out of the way for commuting.

By the way, I’m sure I’ll eventually get tired of pulling wheelies at every darn stoplight and stop sign, but so far the 8 year old in me can’t resist. My riding gear is all prepped with waterproofing, so lets get a couple of decent long-distance rides in before the snow.

Stay tuned.

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