Getting Acquainted

There it is, my new (to me) 2007 BMW R1200GS. It came with the Jesse bags, engine guards and headlight shield.

Even though I haven’t owned a GS before, riding it is second nature. The linear power, the excellent suspension and handling, the riding position, all felt balanced and natural.

The only unusual detail is the strange signal light switchgear. I’m sure I’ll adapt, but non-standard controls? At least the throttle is on the right side.

Also, I can report that the stock seat is as bad as I remember it. It seems like my 1999 RT had exactly the same seat. The after market seat makers must pay BMW some significant amount to make these upholstered pain-inducers so requiring replacement. The mushy padding and its slope toward the tank causes  temporary paresthesia in the general dickal area radiating to include the testiculary after only the tenth mile of a ride. I ordered and quickly received a beautiful, new World Sport Performance Plus Seat from Sargent which should relieve the pain in the butt caused by the original.

I noticed that the stock bars had a nice bend, by my reach was a little too extended. The first rides also uncovered a lot of wind noise and buffeting from the stock windshield.

A visit to the Twisted Throttle website and some more money provided an “MRA X-creen Touring Bolt-On Variable Windscreen Spoiler Blade Windshield Extension” (good thing they weren’t charging per word) which should bring relief from the noise, and some Rox Block Offset Risers that will bring the bars up and back a little to relieve the pain in my neck.

I received only one key with the bike, so I ordered another to have as a spare. A new BMW replacement key is $100! Wha…? I guess, because they can.

I’ll review the mods in an upcoming post.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures.


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