Ride for Four Years, for Free! – Part 2

1) Sell the Bonneville and KLX ✔︎
2) Move Across the Country ✔︎
3) Stay Employed ✔︎
4) Get a GS – Let’s Get to Work

The KLX netted $2,500 and the Bonnie $4,200, so I’ve got$6,700.

Checking both Cycle Trader and the BMW Motorcycle Owners Association (BMWMOA) marketplace and evaluating nine criteria on fourteen candidates, the search has uncovered two finalists. As a quick aside, late fall is a great time to find a motorcycle at low prices.

The first one is yellow and 

is in Pennsylvania. The second is black and is at a local dealership, coincidently the same dealer from whom I bought a brand new RT back in 1999.

Here’s how they stacked up.


Reason for SaleOne owner - retiring from ridingOne owner - traded for new GS
ExtrasBMW Saddlebags & Trunk, Aftermarket seatJesse Aluminum Saddlebags
ConditionVideo of cold start - looks and sounds good. Good tires. Ready to ride.Test ride - works like new, feels tight. Good tires. Full fluids service done at dealer. Ready to ride.
MaintenanceDealership he bought it at closed. Mechanic who was employed there continued to do the scheduled maintenance on his own.Dealership did all the maintenance and recalls including checking rear drive.
Sales Price$5,000$6,275
Sales Tax$325$408
TOTAL COST$6,125+$6,721

* Transporting from PA either by hiring a truck or do it myself with a one-way flight, hotels, 1,300 miles of fuel, 3 days of vacation time

One one hand, the 2005 has fewer miles, but the maintenance records aren’t available and I can’t test ride it without committing to at least a plane flight(s).

On the other, the 2007 has the reassurance of being cared for by one of the most reputable mechanics around, and I’ve got some recourse if it catastrophically fails in the next little while, but it costs more.

I find I default to doing things the hard way and the cheapest way, so I was leaning toward going across the country to get the one in PA when I came down with a severe case of common sense. It’s probably only a 24-hour bug, but in a fever of insight I went with the one close to home and paid a deposit.

Now I need to keep records of consumables and repair expenses and see how things shake out to sell it for net $6,275 in four years.

Pics and a ride (home) report coming soon.

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